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Plugin Settings

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After installing, now it’s time to set up the plugin. The process is quite easy and straightforward. In order to set up the AI Excerpt Generator By ThemeNcode go to Settings -> ThemeNcode AI Excerpt.

Get the OpenAI API key

In the ThemeNcode Ai Excerpt page, you will first find a field named “OpenAI API Key”. You need to put your API key here. There is a link below which will take you to your API Key. Follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the link
  2. If you already have an OpenAI account login to that or create a new account
  3. You will see a page for API Keys. Click ‘Create new secret key’. It will give you a secret key.
  4. Copy the secret key
  5. Paste the secret key in the ThemeNcode AI Excerpt settings OpenAI API Key field and you are done

Enable on Post Types

This plugin can work on various post types. Here you can select which post types you need to work with. Just select those post types that you want to create excerpts with this plugin.

Select Model

There are 4 different primary OpenAI models or engines. You can choose anyone from there.

Maximum Token

The GPT family of models process text using tokens, which are common sequences of characters found in the text.
A helpful rule of thumb is that one token generally corresponds to ~4 characters of text for common English text. This translates to roughly ¾ of a word (so 100 tokens ~= 75 words).
By default, it is set to 60. You can change this according to your need.

After completing these steps just click ‘Save Changes’ and you’re done.

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