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PDF viewer Image Link

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If you choose the ‘PDF viewer Image Link’ option it will show an image with a link and when someone clicks that image it will open a PDF viewer. Follow these steps

  1. Select a PDF viewer for the ‘Select PDF’ option
  2. Click on the ” + ” icon and select the image from Media Library
  3. Put the alt text in the Alt Text option
  4. Link target will make sure whether you want to open in a new tab or the same tab.
  5. Width is by default set to 100%, change this according to your need.
  6. Height is by default set to auto, you can change this too.
  7. Image Alignment can be left, center, or right. Choose what you want.
  8. Put a class in the Image CSS Class field. You can put additional CSS with this class later.
  9. Click save and you are done.

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