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List/Grid Shortcode

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This shortcode allows you to display selected PDF viewers using a Grid or List Style. It comes with a few parameters.

  • source: Where to pull the PDF viewers From, You can choose from all (Uses all PDF viewers), category (Select Categories in next parameter) or select-viewer (Select Viewers in next parameter)
  • viewer_id: This is the list of comma-separated id’s of the viewer you want to embed.
  • display_type: Choose between list or grid
  • category: Comma Separated list of category id’s you want to use posts from
  • open_type: This parameter defines how the viewers should appear, you can choose between link & popup.
  • link_target: It is applicable if you’ve used link in open_type parameter. Select _parent for same tab or _blank for new tab
  • column: Select Number of columns to show maximum. usable values are col-2, col-3, col-4. Applicable for Grid style only
  • filter: Use 0 to disable, 1 to enable filter. Applicable for Grid style only
  • sort: Use 0 to disable or 1 to enable sort. Applicable for Grid style only
  • search: use 0 to disable or 1 to enable search. Applicable for Grid style only
  • css_class: You can use any css class if you want to apply custom styles to the container.

An example of using this shortcode:

[pvfw-list-grid source="all" display_type="grid" open_type="popup" column="col-4" filter="1" sort="0" search="1"]

Use this shortcode on any page or post.

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