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How to Use Navigative – TNcFlipbook Addon

Estimated reading: 2 minutes

Navigative – TNcFlipbook Addon is a brilliant solution for you if you have quite a lot of PDF files on your website but you don’t want to create that many pages. Cause if you create a PDF viewer in the general way it will create a page on your website. This Add-on will generate a link that can be used anywhere and it won’t create another page. Doesn’t matter how many PDF Files you have. So how to use this navigation Add-on?

  1. Go to PDF viewer -> Navigative.
  2. Click Upload PDF File or paste the Link of the file
  3. Then you will find a lot of toolbar options. These are options that will come up with the PDF viewer First is iframe width. Put a number with a percent sign. This will be the width of the viewer that will generate with the link
  4. Print: Show or hide
  5. Fullscreen: Show or hide
  6. iframe Height: Put a number that will be in pixel. Ex: 800 px
  7. Zoom: Show or hide
  8. Open: Show or hide
  9. Download: Show or hide
  10. Pagenav: Show or hide
  11. Find: Show or hide
  12. Share: Show or hide
  13. Page Mode: Show or hide
  14. Current view: Show or hide
  15. Logo: Show or hide
  16. Toggle menu: Show or hide
  17. Rotate: Show or hide
  18. Default Zoom: Show or hide
  19. Toggle left: Show or hide
  20. Hand Tool: Show or hide
  21. Jump to Page: Put a number. The PDF viewer will automatically go to that page.
  22. Scroll: Show or hide
  23. Document Properties: Show or hide
  24. iframe title: Put a title here.
  25. Spread: Show or hide
  26. Viewer Language: There are more than 100 languages. Choose the one you want. By default, it is set to English
  27. Default Scroll: There are 4 types of scrolling. Vertical, Horizontal, Wrapped, and Flipbook. Choose the one you like.
  28. Default Spread: It can be odd or even.
  29. After selecting all of those, click Generate Shortcode. And you will get a code. Paste that code anywhere you want and it will open the PDF viewer.

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