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Add New Offer

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First, go to Offers -> Add New Offer

Basic Settings:

  1. Status: The status can be set to ‘Active’, ‘Disabled’, or ‘Expired’.
  2. Offer Message: In this field, you can put a message which will be displayed above the ‘Avail Offer’ button


  1. Product: Here you can select the product for the offer. You can change the product from this option.
  2. Quantity: Set the amount of how many products you want to give the offer.
  3. Price: Set the price of the product.


In this segment, you can see the users that can avail of the offer. There are three categories

  1. All users: Everyone can avail of this kind of offer
  2. Selected Roles: Those users who have the given role can avail of this kind of offer. All of the WordPress user roles are available here
  3. Selected Users: Only the selected users can get this kind of offer.

Limit and Expiration:

  1. Expiration Date: Here you can set the date of expiration. After that date, the offer will not work and the status will be expired.
  2. Max Usage: The maximum number of users that can get this offer. Use -1 for setting the usage to unlimited.

After selecting everything, click update and you will get a link that you can share. By clicking on that link visitors can get the offer.

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