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Partial Content Settings

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In the Viewer Edit page scroll down and after PDF viewer Settings you will find another meta box named Partial Content Settings. It will be used to set the restriction. You can control who can see the full pdf and who will be restricted from here.

Apply Partial Content Settings: Turn this on to set the restrictions

  • Require Login: There are two options. Default, Yes(This file is restricted), and No( This file is not restricted). Select Yes(This file is restricted) to enable the restriction modes.
  • Access Type: Here it can either be selected to Allow or Disallow.
  • Restrict by: There are four different options
  • Users: If you want to select specific users to give permission to full PDF select from here
    • Select Users: Put the name of the users who will either be allowed or disallowed depending upon the access type
  • User Roles: Select the user roles that you want to permit.
    • Select User Roles: This plugin can work with all the user roles that come up with WordPress. Select any role you want.
  • Products: The product field works with WooCommere.
    • Select Products: Select the WooCommerce products here. Visitors will be permitted after buying that specific product
  • Paid Membership Pro: This function works with Paid Membership Pro Level
    • Select Paid Membership Pro Level: Select the level that you want to permit or restrict.

Then click update and you are all set. Now only permitted users will see the full PDF and others will see the partial view of the selected pages.

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