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Does it work with catalog mode? Possible to hide “Add to Cart”?
Yes, it’s possible to hide the price and add to cart. Checking the issue with Demo now, thank you for letting me know.

Does your plugin work on a WooCommerce Multi Vendor website?
Yes, the plugin works with most Multi Vendor websites and plugins used for Multi Vendor Websites. But if you are having any compatibility issues with other plugins, please contact us through the support hub.

Will the plugin auto-compile personal data when a logged-in user requests a quote?
Yes, it auto-completes basic user info when the user is logged in. Users can change obviously.

The page “My Requests” is available even for non-logged-in users?
No, My requests page is available only for logged-in users

When I buy your plugin, will it still work in ‘Local’?

It will work on local or any other server as well.

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