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Managing Appointments

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There is a booking system enabled on this Website. Booking can be done from the doctors, department, and appointment pages. In the BookingPress tab, you can see the following terms:

  • Dashboard: Here you can see all the data about booking, revenue, dates, etc
  • Calendar: In this tab, you can set an appointment by you
  • Appointments: Under the appointments tab, you can see all the previously made appointments by clients. You can search and filter in various ways, such as clients’ names, dates, services, statuses, IDs, etc
  • Payments: Here, you can see the payments by transaction date, clients’ name or services
  • Customers: Here, you can search the history of previous customers
  • Services: This is the most important tab where you can add new services or edit previous services. There are four parametres. Name, category, duration and price.
  • Notification: From this tab, you can notify admin or clients through email.
  • Customization: Customize the forms or form settings from here according to your need
  • Settings: In the settings tab, you need to personalize it with your own information.

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