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Navigative PDF viewer

Estimated reading: 2 minutes

To use this Element you need another addon called Navigative – TNC FlipBook – PDF viewer for WordPress Addon. It allows you to display multiple pdf files on a single page with a navigation on the sidebar.

  1. Copy the PDF link and paste it into the ‘PDF Link URL’ field
  2. Width: The default width is 100%. Change it if you want
  3. Height: The default height is set to 800px. You can change it too if you want.
  4. Title: Put an iframe title here.
  5. Jump to Page: Put a number and the PDF will automatically go to that page.
  6. Logo: By default, the logo will be enabled. Select hide if you don’t want to show.
  7. Click Save Changes and it’s done

Toolbar options:

  1. The download option can be changed. It will show by default, you can hide it if you want.
  2. The Print option can be changed in the same way. By default, it will show, you can hide this also if you want.
  3. The fullscreen option is set to default. If you want to hide it you can change this too.
  4. There will be a share button by default. Disable it if you need.
  5. Zoom is set to auto by default. There are various options. Choose according to your need.
  6. Open is by default set to on. You can turn it off.
  7. The next option is the Page nav. You can turn it off or on.
  8. The find button is on by default. Change it to turn it off if you need.
  9. You can show or hide the Current View option
  10. Rotate option can be shown or hide the button if you want
  11. Hand Tool: Show or hide. By default, it is shown
  12. Document Properties: Show or hide. By default, it is shown
  13. Right Toggle Menu: Show or hide. By default, it is shown
  14. Change the Default Zoom as per your need.
  15. Page Mode can be thumbnails, bookmarks, or attachments. Select what you want.
  16. Toggle Left: Show or hide. By default, it is shown
  17. Scroll: Show or hide. By default, it is shown
  18. Spread: Show or hide. By default, it is shown
  19. Default Scroll: Vertical, Horizontal, Wrapped, and flipbook scrolling is available. Choose one.
  20. Default Spread: It can be Odd or Even. Choose anyone.
  21. Select the language that you want to work with. By default it is English.
  22. Then click Save changes and you’re done

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