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#1. Do I need to install PDF viewer for WordPress first?

This add-on is not standalone. You must have PDF viewer for WordPress (Premium) or PDF viewer by ThemeNcode (Free) before getting this addon.

#2. Does this plugin conflict with any other plugin?

We haven’t seen any such issues to date. This add-on is compatible with all the other plugins. But if you face any issue contact us through our support, and we will solve it for you.

#3. Where can I get this plugin?

Do to Divi PDF viewer for WordPress Add-on landing page and click Buy Now. You need to create an account in the ThemeNcode portal before buying.

#4. Can I use this addon on multiple websites?

No. You can use this add-on on one site with a single license. To use it on other websites, you need to get another license.

#5. How long will I get customer support?

You will get one year of customer support. For further support, you need to upgrade your license. 

#6. What is the refund policy?

Divi PDF viewer for WordPress is a product of ThemeNcode. Check out the refund policy of  ThemeNcode here.

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