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PDF viewer Embed

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If you choose the PDF viewer Embed module it will show the PDF that you select right onto that page/post. Follow the next steps

  1. Select the PDF viewer you want to show from ‘Select PDF’
  2. Width is by default set to 100%. Change it if you want otherwise leave it as it is.
  3. Height is by default set to 800. You can change it too if you want
  4. Put a title in the iframe title option
  5. In ‘Jump to Page’ you need to put a number to take your visitors straight to that page
  6. Default Zoom is selected to auto by default. There are various options like 75%, 100%, page fit, etc. Choose the one that suits your need.
  7. In the Default Page Mode, you get three options. Thumbnail, Bookmark, and Attachment. The thumbnail will show the thumbnails of the viewer on the left side of the viewer. Bookmark will show the bookmarks.
  8. Then there are three more options. Link, Background, and Admin level. You can put the link of the module and select if you want to open it in a new tab or the same tab. Background color can be changed from the background option and the Admin label is to change the label of the module ( you should keep this as it is)
  9. Save the changes and then publish and that page/post will show a PDF viewer now.

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