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Create pages using elementor

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TNC INFINITY comes with a number of pre-defined Elementor template sections. This determines how different types of pages are built on your website. However, before importing the template section, you need to install the Elementor Page Builder plugin. Don’t forget to import the template section after installing Elementor. Use the link below to download the file. 

After downloading the template section file, go to Admin Panel > Templates > Import Templates and you will see an option to import templates. This section explores the available element template categories and how they control the layout and presentation of content.  

TNC INFINITY provides several default Elementor template sections for different content types. Here are all the sections with screenshots. 

1.TNC – About us large card

2.TNC – Call to action

3.TNC – Common page banner

4. TNC – Contact form and map

[Note that] This section is based on the Contact Form 7 plugin. Before using this plugin, install Contact Form 7 and go to Contact > Contact Form. You can now create new contact form or edit existing contact form. Paste the following code into this Contact form tab. If you are using the TNC – Contact Form and Map section, use the contact form shortcode in the shortcode element of the TNC – Contact Form and Map section.

<section class="tncinf-em-main-contact-form">
    <div class="tncinf-contact-heading">
        <h5>Get in touch</h5>
        <p>List team variant line style shadow bullet prototype image connection follower.</p>

    <div class="tncinf-contact-main-form">
        <div class="name-and-email">
            <div class="label-and-field-wrapper">
                <label> Name </label>
                <div class="field"> [text* your-name autocomplete:name placeholder "ThemeNcode"] </div>

            <div class="label-and-field-wrapper">
                <label> Email </label>
                <div class="field"> [email* your-email autocomplete:email placeholder "[email protected]"] </div>

        <div class="label-and-field-wrapper">
            <label> Subject </label>
            <div class="field"> [text* your-subject placeholder "Subject"] </div>

        <div class="label-and-field-wrapper">
            <label> Message </label>
            <div class="field"> [textarea your-message placeholder "Write text message"] </div>

        <div class="label-and-field-wrapper contact-form-submit-button">
            [submit "Send"]

5. TNC – Contact information box

6. TNC – FAQs

7. TNC – Hero banner

8. TNC – Image box -Vertically icon heading

9. TNC – Matrics

10. TNC – Newsletter subscribe

11. TNC – Services – box card model

12. TNC – Team member

13. TNC – Video section

14. TNC – WP Carousel

[Note that] This section relies on the WP Carousel plugin. Please install WP Carousel before using this plugin. Then go to WP Carousel > All Carousels. You can now create new carousels or edit existing carousels. Then, if you use the TNC – WP Carousel section, use the WP Carousel shortcode in the TNC – WP Carousel section’s shortcode element. 

These default templates ensure consistent styling and layout across different areas of your website.

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