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It provides flexible layout options to help you structure and organize the content on your website. TNC INFINITY  includes a variety of page templates that offer different layouts and styles. Also provide the option for full-width layouts, where the content spans the entire width of the screen, without sidebars or other elements. Full-width layouts are often used to create impactful landing pages or showcase specific content.

You can customize :

  • Home Page Layout
  • Archive Page Layout
  • Single Page Layout
  • Single Post Layout
  • Search Page Layout

Full-width layouts can give your content a spacious and immersive feel. The layout and elements of your website will automatically adjust based on the screen size, ensuring readability and usability across different devices. Depending on the features and capabilities of TNC INFINITY, you may have additional layout options available. These could include options for headers, footers, navigation menus, or specific sections of your website.

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