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List of Discontinued Shortcodes

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From version 10 TNC FlipBook – PDF Viewer for WordPress comes with a whole new system of creating PDF viewers which made us introduce a new set of shortcodes and discontinue the previous set of shortcodes.

However, Those old shortcodes are not completely removed from the plugin. If you’ve generated those shortcodes previously, these shortcodes will work fine. But we’ve removed the ability to create those discontinued shortcodes from version 10. 

Here’s a list of shortcodes you should not use anymore and replaced them with new shortcodes if possible.

  1. [tnc-pdf-viewer-link]
  2. [tnc-pdf-viewer-iframe]
  3. [tnc-pdf-viewer-shortlink]
  4. [tnc-pdf-viewer-raw-link]
  5. [tnc-pdf-viewer-image]

All these shortcodes are discontinued from version 10 of TNC FlipBook – PDF Viewer for WordPress.

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