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PDF viewer for WordPress comes with a variety of Add-ons and integrations to make working even simpler. With these Add-ons, you can easily show PDF files on using different themes and page builders.


1. Elementor PDF viewer for WordPress: This Add-on comes up with 5 widgets for Elementor. If you use Elementor as your page builder this Add-on will save a lot of time and effort for you. Just drag and drop the widgets and show or embed PDF just as you want. The 5 widgets are:

  • PDF viewer Link
  • PDF viewer Embed/iFrame
  • PDF viewer Image Link
  • Bookshelf – Display PDF viewer
  • List/Grid – Display PDF viewer

2. Display PDF viewer for WordPress: If you want to organize and display your PDF files or Ebooks as a bookshelf then this is the Add-on for you. It enhances the visual presentation and visitors can easily go through the PDF files also. This Add-on has 3 modes.

  • Bookshelf
  • List View
  • Grid View

3. Divi PDF viewer for WordPress Addon: Embed and show pdf files using your Divi page builder. This Add-on has four modules.

  • PDF viewer Link
  • PDF viewer Embed/iFrame
  • PDF viewer Image Link
  • PDF viewer Navigative

4. WPBakery Page Builder Addon for PDF viewer for WordPress: Easily display PDF viewers by using WPBakery Page Builder. The purpose of this addon is to make the shortcode creation process of PDF viewer for WordPress.

5. Navigative – PDF viewer for WordPress addon: Navigative is an Add-on for PDF viewer for WordPress which allows you to display multiple pdf files on a single page with a navigation on the sidebar. This is useful, especially when you have a few pdf files which you want to display using the iframe shortcode but don’t want to create so many pages.

6. WP File Access Manager: WP File Access Manager is a WordPress plugin that allows you to control access for every single file you upload to your WordPress Media Library. It comes with the integration of WooCommerce & Paid Memberships pro which lets you set up your eCommerce or membership site media restriction management a lot more simpler.

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